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Energy is all around us.  It is what animates all living things.  When this energy flows freely throughout the body there is health and vitality.  If this energy is disrupted or blocked then pain, lethargy and disease can develop.


Rei = From a Divine or Universal Source.   Ki = Life Force Energy.

Connecting with the Universal Life Force Energy.


Reiki (pronounced ray’ – key) is a form of “hands on” healing that is used to balance the flow of subtle energy throughout the body.  It is deeply relaxing and affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It is a valuable tool for pain relief and is often requested pre and post surgery.  The effects can be profound.


Reiki Center of Central Oregon is devoted to promoting the practice of Reiki through private healing sessions, training and certification, Continuing Education credits for licensed professionals, and FREE Reiki Shares with sample healing sessions and information available.


Energy Healing Sessions:  Reiki is done fully clothed with a series of hand positions on or just above the body.  It can be done while sitting or laying in bed, but a full body treatment is usually done with the client face up on a massage table.  Reiki has its own wisdom, bringing to us whatever is in our best and highest interest. 


Healing Attunements:  A specific and very powerful Reiki therapy that can be part of a healing session or done by itself.  This special attunement brings in higher frequency energies than those in a regular Reiki treatment.  It will enhance the session by opening the aura to allow healing on a deeper level.  This therapy is effective in removing negative energies and can also be used to empower goals.

Aura Clearing:  We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves.  Aura Clearing, a form of psychic surgery, is a tool that allows the client to access their own inner power to heal.  It can be done by itself or as a part of a regular healing session.  It is often done following a healing attunement with powerful results.


Distance Reiki Sessions:  When you are in need of Reiki and cannot get to a practitioner, it is possible to receive distance healing over the phone from the Reiki Center.  Just call and you will be guided through a treatment from the comfort of your own home.  Speakerphone or headset recommended.  (Credit card required.)


Reiki Workshops:  Come learn this gentle form of healing and stress reduction!  Begin your own Reiki practice or just use it for yourself.  Reiki is usually taught in three levels.  Attunements and certification for First and Second Degree and the Reiki Master Level are offered. All classes qualify for continuing education credit for most medical professionals.  Dates and times are to be arranged.


Free Reiki Shares:  An open house with an opportunity to get information, a sample Reiki session and meet others interested in Energy Healing.  Dates and times to be announced.

Bring a friend and share the wonder of Reiki!




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