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Swedish Relaxation Massage  Calming the mind, releasing muscle tension. Gentle full body experience with the use of oil or lotion. A great addition to any spa therapy!    One Hour $65     Half Hour $45     One Hour and a Half $95


Injury Specific Treatment   Relieve pain with advanced deep tissue massage techniques for chronic issues and injury recovery. Move better, feel better.      One Hour $65       Half Hour $45       One Hour and a Half $95     

Hot Stone Massage  The ancient art of using heated basalt stones to enhance healing.  A calming, full body massage with penetrating heat to relieve chronic muscle tension.        One Hour  $85        One Hour and a Half  $115

Aromatherapy Massage  Combines the wonder of massage with the use of pure essential oils. A therapeutic treatment for both mind and body. The power of touch with the sense of smell... A true indulgence. 

                                                                             One Hour $75     Half Hour $55      One Hour and a Half $105 

Reiki Massage   Combines a full body swedish massage with the healing energy of Reiki.  Deeply relaxing, assists the body in cleansing toxins, and helps balance the flow of subtle energy.    One Hour Session $65  Half Hour $45   One Hour and a Half $95


Pregnancy Massage   For the special care of the mother-to-be.  A pampering, prenatal treatment. 

Available after the first trimester only.         One Hour $65     Half Hour $45      One Hour and a Half $95


Foot Reflexology  An effective treatment that works precise reflex points found in the feet that correspond with different regions of the body.  A gentle therapy that stimulates the release of energy and brings balance to the body.  Half Hour $45     

Add to any menu service $35


Raindrop Technique  Rejuvenate the mind, balance the body.  Therapeutic grade essential oils applied the                       neck, back and feet to bring about electrical alignment and help relieve a variety of discomforts caused                     by imbalances in the body.       One Hour $85   


CranioSacral Therapy  Craniosacral Therapy is a type of bodywork done with the client fully clothed using a very light touch.  The craniosacral rhythm is a palpable movement of body fluids which regulate body functions.  These fluids surround the brain and spinal column and, through the central nervous system, affect the entire body.  Any restriction in the rhythm can influence the regulatory systems of the body.  Craniosacral treatments can restore balance to the flow of cerebralspinal fluid and enhance the natural healing abilities of the body. Good for a variety of health problems including headaches, neck and back pain, jaw pain and chronic fatigue.           One Hour $85      One Hour and a Half  $115                     


Full Body Mineral Wrap  After a complete dry brush exfoliation, you relax in your choice of a Mud or Seaweed body masque.  Improves skin tone while releasing muscle tension.    One Hour $75      Add to any menu service $65 


Herbal Linen Wrap  Relax as your body is enveloped in warm linens steeped in a blend of special herbs.

A wonderful complement to any massage therapy!    

Half Hour $55     Add to any menu service $45

Salt Glow  A full body exfoliation using mineral-rich sea salts blended with aromatherapy oils, followed with a hydrating lotion. An invigorating treatment that renews the skin.     One Hour $75      Add to any menu service $65 


Brown Sugar Body Polish  A gentle full body exfoliation using natural brown sugar blended with aromatherapy oils, followed with a nourishing lotion.  Perfect for sensitive or aged skin.     One Hour $75     Add to any menu service $65

Royal Back Treatment  Full back and shoulder massage incorporated with a purifying, deep cleansing mud masque.  Renews the skin and releases muscle tension.     One Hour $75     Add to any menu service $65 

Anti-Aging Hand Therapy  A luxurious aromatherapy soak and sea salt exfoliation, followed with a hydrating masque and warm towel wrap.  A therapeutic massage increases circulation and relieves tension so hands look younger and feel softer.  One Hour $75     Add to any menu service  $65


Deluxe Hand Therapy  Soothe tired, overworked hands with a luxurious thermal paraffin dip and warm towel wrap, followed with therapeutic hand massage.  A wonderful combination.    One Hour $75     Add to any menu service $65


Complete Foot Therapy  A customized aromatherapy foot soak and sea salt exfoliation, followed with a hydrating masque and warm towel wrap.  An indulgent foot massage leaves feet smooth and refreshed.   

 One Hour $75    Add to any menu service $65 


Regal Hand and Foot Combo  Smooth away stress when you combine the Deluxe Hand Therapy  and Complete Foot Therapy described above.  Both hands and feet are pampered in a luxurious treatment that leaves them soft and refreshed.     Two Hours $140


Deluxe Hair and Scalp Treatment Therapeutic blend of warmed oils applied to the hair and massaged over the scalp.  A warm towel wrap brings deep moisturizing.  Great for dry, damaged hair.    Half Hour $45     

 Add to any menu service $35

  Paraffin Hand Dips  Moisturize dry, chapped hands as deep heat helps relieve joint pain with a thermal paraffin dip. Add to any menu service $10    (Must be requested at time of scheduling.)


TRY A MASSAGE ADD ON TODAY! Add one or more of these treatments to your one-hour relaxation massage session for the following discounted rates:
     AROMATHERAPY   $10     


     HOT STONES   $20  

    ENERGY BALANCING   $20     





  SALT GLOW   $65    

  CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (half hour)   $45




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