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       Classes for everyone, not just those seeking continuing education credits...


Mona Green, AAS, LMT, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher,

Continuing Education Provider



As more people turn to complementary and alternative medicine, energy work is growing in demand. 

            Most classes are limited to 6 participants, so early registration is recommended. 



Intro to Energy Therapy

Designed for those who have heard about Energy Work but don’t really know much about it.  An introduction to the universal energy field and how it affects the body, sensing energy, possible side effects of energy work on the body, chakras, scanning, energy balancing, space clearing, therapeutic intent and much more.                              Offered  8:30am-3:30pm   Saturdays   May 11,    July 13,       Nov. 2            $125 / 6 Hours


Intro to Reiki

An introduction to the history and methodology of Usui Reiki.  Designed to explain what Reiki is and how it is done.  Includes discussion of the different levels of training and how to have your own Reiki practice.  (Students receive $25 discount off Reiki I after taking this class.)                   $35 / 2 Hours

             Offered monthly on a Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30pm.           

                        Not in Jan.,     Feb. 6,     Not in March,     April 3,     May 1,     June 5,   

                        July 31,      Sept. 4,     Oct. 2,     Nov. 6,   Not in Dec.




Reiki I – First Degree

Students learn to facilitate healing/relaxation using hand positions on the body and channel healing energy.  This level includes self-treatment methods, as well as how to begin your own Reiki practice of treating others.  Reiki I is taught in one day, with time for hands on training in class.  Students give and receive a full body Reiki session.              Be a Reiki Practitioner after this one day workshop!                  $150 / 8 CE Hours

     Offered bi-monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 8:30am-5:30pm  Saturdays:

            Jan. 12,      Not in March,      May 11,     July 13,      Sept. 7,      Nov. 9.


Reiki II – Second Degree

Designed for those who wish to explore further energy techniques.  Students learn to do “distance healing” without touching the recipient or even being physically present with them.  It is in this level that the Usui Reiki Symbols are taught to increase the focus of your work.  Other techniques of this level include sending Reiki with the eyes, and healing unwanted habits.  Reiki II is taught over 2 days to allow students time to learn the symbols.  A Second Degree manual is included.                                 $250 / 12 CE Hours

     Offered bi-monthly on the 4th weekend of the month.  Saturday and Sunday   8:30am-3:30pm both days:  

            Feb. 23-24,      April 27-28,      June 22-23,      Aug. 24-25,      Oct. 19-20,    Not in Dec.



Reiki III – Master Level

For those who want to learn to teach Reiki to others.  Master level is meant for those who are dedicated to integrating Reiki into their lives.  Included are the complete Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master attunement, and the healing attunement, which assists Reiki healing work.  The Usui Master symbol and two Tibetan symbols are taught, for a total of six symbols to enhance your Reiki further.  Complete instructions for giving all attunements and teaching Reiki are presented.  Master manual is included.     $350 / 16 CE Hours

     Two Saturdays one week apart,   8:30am-5:30pm both days:     

                        March 16 and 23,   Sept. 14 and 21,   (other dates possible).

            *All students must be accepted into this level by the instructor prior to registration.




Intro to Feng Shui

An introduction to this ancient Chinese art of harmony and balance.  Using the 9 sided "Baqua" students learn how to enhance the flow of universal chi in and around your home, garden and workplace.                        Offered 6-8pm Thursdays  Jan. 10,    April  11,    July 11.                $35  / 2 Hours           



Intro to Essential Oils

An introduction to Essential Oils and how they can be used around the home.  Includes time to sample different oils including Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense  and many others.  Discover their various applications in the home and on the body.  Plus their use in homemade house and beauty products!                                              Offered  6-9pm  Thursdays  Mar. 7,  Jun 6,   Sept. 5.                     $50  /  3 Hours



Intro to Home Spa Treatments

Participants will learn how to do luxury spa treatments at home.  Give and receive a deluxe hand or foot treatment that includes an aromatherapy soak, homemade salt scrub, mask with warm towel wrap, and a light massage.  Ahhhhhhhhh, Total relaxation!  All supplies included.                 $50  /  3 Hours                         Offered  6-9pm  Thursdays  Feb. 7,   May 9,   Aug. 8.



Intro to Meditation and Guided Imagery

An introduction to the benefits of short meditation sessions, and the use of guided imagery to help aid the body in healing and the release of stress.  Includes discussion of the chakra system and the flow of energy through the body.  Participants will practice simple techniques to calm and balance the body.  $35 / 2 Hours                          Offered 6-8pm  Thursdays  Jan. 3,   Not in March,   July 6,   Oct. 10.








Print and mail this form with method of payment to:  Mona Green, LMT

                             or                                                  2963 SW Volcano Circle, Redmond, OR  97756

Register by Phone:  541-504-7108                   Will pay by (circle one)  Enclosed Check – Credit Card

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            Most classes break one hour for lunch.  Bring snacks if needed.  Water and juice provided.


     For classes of $100 or more, a $50 deposit is required at time of registration with the balance due prior

to the start of the class.  Cancellations must be made 7 days in advance for a refund.  There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.  Most major credit cards accepted.


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